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Didgeridoo Catalog Pages
Here you will find links to the various styles of Didgeridoos that we offer for sale

Fiberglass Didgeridoos

What makes David Blonski's Walkabout Didjeridoos so special?

David is one of the finest Didjeridoo Craftsman in the USA.  He has over 30 years of experience in making musical instruments and his artwork is simply gorgeous. He has made and sold more than 3000 didjeridoos and they continue to be in high demand.  He is also among the most successful Didge Players in the world and he has already sold 300,000 CDs and tapes of his music.  Being successful in both of these areas, David certainly knows what it takes to make an instrument of superior quality and he personally guarantees your satisfaction with the purchase of one of his instruments.  Whether you're a beginner with a tight budget or a professional wanting the finest instrument available, David can find or custom make the perfect Didge for your needs.  Those new to the Didjeridoo will especially benefit with the inclusion of one of David's Didjeridoo Master Class cassette tutorials which has been rated by many to be the best beginning to advanced tutorial system available and they come free with any Didjeridoo purchase.  Considering the demand, David's prices are still remarkably low so take advantage of current prices and specials while they last!  As David's touring dates increase he will soon have less time for making instruments and availability is likely to decline.

The  Walkabout Beginner's Didjeridoo

It is speculated by many that the Didjeridoo is perhaps one of the oldest instruments on the planet.  David Blonski has brought this primitive instrument into the new age with his creation of the Walkabout Didjeridoo.  David fondly refers to this instrument as the 'Techno Didj' as he hand molds each of these Didjeridoos from high tech vinyl plastic and epoxy resins to make a remarkably light and responsive instrument.  This instrument is easier to play than many wooden Didjeridoos and is lightweight and durable enough to double as a walking stick.  Each Walkabout Didjeridoo is textured and painted to take on the natural look of a wooden instrument and all are hand painted in acrylics and then coated with an epoxy enamel finish for durability.  A wide variety of colors are available and neo-primitive designs are often used to decorate these instruments. 

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$85... Domestic Shipping, Handling & Insurance - $15 (California residents at 7.25%)

The  Walkabout "Performance" Didjeridoo

David takes his 'Techno Didj' series several steps further with his Performance Didjeridoo.  This is our most popular Didge and David's didge of choice for performing on stage or recording in the studio. The larger diameter creates a more full bodied tone and the specially contoured mouth piece area makes this instrument easier to articulate and very comfortable to play for extended periods. The gentle s-curves  introduce subtle overtones and improves back pressure while the flared bell increases volume and vocal response and overall sound quality. It takes a bit more air to play than our smaller didj and may take just a little more time to master but the results are most gratifying when the instrument vibrates you to your very core. All of our Performance Didjeridoos feature neo-primitive design work using a wide variety of animal totems in several color combinations. Prices start at $145 with actual cost depending upon the length and detail of design work

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F - $145

E- $150

Eb - $155

D - $160

C# - $165

C - $170

B - $175

Extra Large Diameter for bigger sound add $30

Custom paint as seen on Collectors Series add minimum of $45

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Animal Motifs available on Performance models....
to see closeup click here

Scarab, fish, gecko, white ants, Emu, kangaroo

Other motifs available...
To see more click here

Goanna, Heron, Flying Brolga, Crocodile, Turtle, Dolphin, Seahorse, Laughing Crane, Catfish, DidjMan, Frog, Platypus

$30 shoulder strap carry bag and $15 Tutorial tape included free!

Domestic US Shipping $15
California residents add 7.25% sales tax

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The Walkabout Slider
This versitile instrument is a sliding, variable-length plastic didjeridu that can be played in any pitch from F to low A. The tonal quality is not as good as the "Performance" series but the flaired bell end makes the sound superior to the "Beginner's" model.

$125.00 plus Domestic Shipping, Handling & Insurance - $15  (California residents at 7.25%)

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